Too Many Books?

I got a couple of belated Christmas presents this weekend and wouldn’t you know it, I’ve already read these books. I just hope this doesn’t scare my family and friends into never giving me any more books you know.

One book I received was Ex Libris by Anne Fadiman. I’ve already returned it but didn’t have time to look for a new book so now I have a little gift card burning a hole in my purse. I can’t wait to go back to the bookstore to choose something else.

The other book was Ines of My Soul but the Spanish edition. I just read this (book review to come) and didn’t like it enough that I’d re-read it but I really wish I’d read the Spanish version instead. It’s really a lovely edition so I’ll keep this one on my bookshelf.

Anyway, pulling out Ex Libris from my bookshelves I started to look through some of the “confessions” and really enjoyed re-reading the essay on Marrying Libraries. In my case, my husband and I have a lot of books but we don’t typically read the same books so when we got married we didn’t have to go through our books to see if we had duplicates. Even if we did, chances are he’d have the book in German, but the other day I noticed something that made me laugh. We have three copies of Siddhartha by Herman Hesse – in Spanish, English and German. Now we just need to read the book. Ha,ha.

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