Too Fast

Why do the weekends zoom by? Between fitting in birthday celebrations, going out to the movies, crafts and shopping with my mom, I’m quite tired. But, it was all good, except for the movie, Flightplan, which was entertaining at first but slowly got irritating.

Speaking of movies, there is one movie I’m really looking forward to and that’s Nine Lives. I hadn’t heard about this movie but today on NPR the director was being interviewed. He just happens to be Garbriel Garcia Marquez’s son. Not that I want to compare their styles but don’t you just want to see what his movie will be like?

And, did you know that October 7th was not just my husband’s birthday but also the 50th anniversary of the first public reading of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl? I’m not a huge fan of the beat poets but I have to say that listening to the recorded reading I was quite moved by the energy of the words. You can hear it here.

Now I’m off to prepare for another work week but I think I’ll sneak in a couple of chapters before going to sleep.