It’s been a week. Work seemed especially long and tiring. I had a doctor’s appointment and was scolded again for not exercising enough. I had to take my mom out shopping – usually and adventure filled with a lot of Latino Mother Drama. And, I still haven’t written out my Christmas cards, I haven’t finished my shopping and much less have I started on the packing for the trip that is less than two weeks away.

But you know what I’m doing tonight? Not crossing-off any items on my to-do list that’s for sure. No, I’ve told my husband that I’m in desperate need of bookstore therapy. That means we’ll have to go to Borders and spend all evening there tonight.

We’ll find our spot, drop off our bookbags and go roaming. He’ll check out the latest books on graphic design and art. I’ll be by the table with the latest fiction releases. We usually meet up in the magazine section where I’ll grab tons of fashion, travel and health magazines and he’ll grab some on digital photography or whatever he’s looking into at the moment.

We’ll make it back to our little table, hot cups of chocolate on hand, and enjoy being out together at our second home.

Happy weekend everyone. We are off to the bookstore.