Tin House & Stories

Remember a couple of weeks ago I was talking about short stories and asked for suggestions on which literary journals to check out? I got some good recommendations, which I have been checking and I promise to post more on as I read them and such, but I just have to give a special thank you to Vasilly who sent me three back issues of Tin House!

tinhouse.jpgI received those today and already read a bit from issue 34, The Dead of Winter. There was a very short story by Luis Jaramillo, The Pacific War, which I found very powerful. I also read an essay by Yiyun Li which talks about how she found her call to writing after discovering the works of William Trevor. I’ve only read one of his books but her essay makes me want to read more and I’m definitely looking forward to her debut novel, The Vagrants.

I had to return The Best American Short Stories 2008 to the library this week so I didn’t finish the book but I did read three of the stories: Man and Wife by Katie Chase, Closely Held by Allegra Goodman, and May We Be Forgiven by A.M. Homes. All three I really like but in particular Man and Wife. That story was just so unsettling.

Anyway, I’m having a lot of fun exploring short stories so if you have more recommendations please let me know. I’m taking note.

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