Three Books

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a good time discovering a new place for breakfast tacos, eating lots of cold watermelon and of course enjoying some time at the bookstore.

As I promised, I have a review of Karen E. Olson’s book The Missing Ink (click for full review), which is the start of her new mystery series. I thought the mystery was really well done. I kept trying to guess who did it and at one point I think I’d gone through accusing most of the characters. Like her previous series, this one features a strong female lead but what I really liked about this book was that I get the sense that Brett will have some good sidekicks helping her out in future mysteries.

I also spent some time reading Hold Love Strong by Matthew Aaron Goodman which is the story of a young boy growing up in the New York housing projects. It’s a sad story and one I’m reading in bits. I feel for the characters who are trying to get ahead in life but one thing or another keeps them down. Sometimes it’s just bad decisions but not done out of malice, just ignorance and despair. I’m about half way through this one and hope to finish it this week.

I needed a bit more lighter fare in the evenings so I turned to Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand. Well, I thought this was going to be lighter fare but I quickly realized that one of the main characters is a young mother fighting lung cancer. She, her sister and best friend take off to a beach house to get away from it all.

I’m sort of tempted to add another book to my mix, a mystery of course but we’ll see. What about you? How many books are you juggling right now?

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