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Despite having read a good number of books last month, I’ve fallen behind on some of the reading I wanted to get done. I still haven’t read Lady Susan for the Slaves discussion.

I know some of you are already reading your first book for the Once Upon a Time Challenge and some of you have even finished one book. Let me just say that I haven’t even started my Chunkster Challenge. Yikes.

Tuesday I have a book group meeting and I’m not done yet with The Dancing Girls of Lahore. What a sad book, perhaps that’s why it’s taking me a while to get through it. I will finish it but maybe not in time for the meeting.

In the meantime there are things around the web that are keeping me occupied. The latest Estella’s Revenge is out and it’s another great edition. Thank you again to Andi for the advance reader’s copy of the Barbara Seranella book and for posting my review.

My friend Isabel has decided to start a new reading challenge. It’s quite interesting so check it out, and best of all, it’s not as demanding as some of the others in the blogosphere.

Okay, I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed by all the books demanding my attention. Anyone else? I think I am in need of some brain candy. I’m off to stare at my bookshelves and find some light reading.

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