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Have you noticed that a lot of “Best of 2020” reading lists are starting to come out? I recently saw Time’s 100 Must-Read Books and The Guardian also has their Best Books of 2020 list. I think these are helpful if you are trying to buy a book for someone and don’t know where to start. I love to see the lists and see if any of my favorite books have ended up on there.

One list I’ve really liked is the 89 Best Book Covers of 2020. Some of these are so striking and would make great posters.

I love to do my best of the year reading list too but I wait until the last possible minute to share it because I always wonder if my favorite book of the year could still be ahead.

Moving on, I’m so glad the weekend is here. This week felt so long and I’m ready to enjoy some downtime. I’ve been thinking about Christmas cards and making some. There are some years I haven’t even sent any but last year I made some and had a lot of fun.

Then I think, who am I kidding, I don’t have time! If I do make any it’s got to be this weekend though so I can at least get them in the mail soon. Let me know if you’d like a card and I’d love to add send you one. Can’t promise that it will be handmade but I do have some box Christmas cards as a back-up plan. Haha…

I hope you have a great weekend ahead and would love to hear what your weekend plans and if you’re already putting together your favorites of the year list.

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