This & That

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the extra day off for the holiday. I got a chance to go to the gym, spend time with my mom, nap and even craft.

Over the weekend I took out one of the bins I have where I collect paper scraps left over from other projects and I got to work on making collages. I finished four tags in no time, just need to add some ribbon or yarn to these and they’ll be ready to be shipped out.

Bookwise, we did spend a great afternoon at Barnes & Noble on Saturday. I found the latest Paper Art magazine. There was an article about paper flowers made out of crepe paper and that totally took me back to when I was a kid. My abuelita used to make beautiful crepe paper flowers that she turned into wreaths. I remember her selling those and she was especially busy during the Dia de los Muertos. I helped her a little bit but because she was working with hot wax I didn’t do too much. I mainly helped cover the wire stems of the flowers.

Anyway, reading that article brought back fond memories of my grandma and certainly helped fuel my creativity to make these tags.

On the book front, I have a crisis… my library card expired and I can’t renew any of my books or place new holds. So I’m making it a priority to get to the library this week.

Let me know what you were up to!

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