This & That

Oh friends, am I ready for the weekend. I don’t have big plans (which is a good thing) and more than anything I’d love to just hang out in bed with a good book. I am sure I have errands to run and things to do but I hope I can make some good progress in my reading.

I have a couple of books going on but I think I need to get started on Three Seconds by Roslund & Hellström for my mystery book group. I’m leading that discussion so I better make sure I finish the book.

And, I think summer is finally here and not just because the temps in Austin are well in the 90s but I think I’ve seen at least three emails today about summer reading: Bas Bleu, NPR and Reading Group Choices are all reminding me that good summer books await me. I’ve no doubt the selections mentioned have something exciting to offer but you know what else is pretty exciting? Some of the reading projects/challenges around the blog world.

The Estella Society is hosting a readalong of A Prayer for Owen Meany. Such a great book and while I probably won’t be joining in the readalong I think anyone who does and hasn’t read the book will be in for a treat. Also, Bellezza is hosting the Japanese Literature Reading Challenge, now in its seventh year!  Isn’t that great? I’m so tempted but I’ve flaked out on so many challenges and readalongs in the past year that I’m hesitant to join in but I don’t know, I may. I’ll let you know.

Oh and before I forget BookPage has a giveaway to get your summer reading started. Go visit to find out the details but do it quick because the contest ends Friday afternoon.

Alright everyone, enjoy your weekend and more book talk soon!

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