This & That

It was a good weekend. I read a lot and finished three books. I also went to the library and made the mistake of chatting it up with some of my librarian friends. Next thing you know, I’m telling them that I’ll be there for the December book group.

So before I left they made sure I had a copy of A Widow for One Year by John Irving to read by the end of December. I’ve enjoyed some of Irving’s books but we’ll see if I actually finish it in time for the book group.

On Saturday we were thinking of going to the movies and while checking out times I saw this. Am I the last person to know that Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress was made into a movie? We didn’t see that movie but hopefully we can get to it soon.

Most exciting of all I finally meet a blog friend! Claire is on her way to the States and will be arriving late on Sunday (I’ll get to see her tomorrow). Not only that but Monday will be a celebration day as Christine is celebrating her birthday (please go say Happy BDay to Christine!) I can’t wait to spend some time with these girls tomorrow.