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Even though I have tons of stuff to do in preparation for the move, I couldn’t miss one last visit to my book groups this week. I’ve belonged to my Murder on Monday mystery book group for five years and my Foreign Authors book group for 14 years. Oh I’m so going to miss these! Well, I’m sure I’ll find a way to still attend on occasion after all I envision many trips to Dallas to clear out the house and see friends.

I’m thinking that a good part of my summer will actually be spent traveling between Austin and Dallas which also means I’ve put my bookbinding class on hold until I’m back from vacation. So my two projects that I have in progress will have to wait until June. I wish I didn’t have put them on hold but I think this is for the best. I’ve got a bad case of monkey mind now and I’d rather be fully present at my class as opposed to making a mistake or promptly forgetting everything I’ve done.

Having decided that made it a bit easier on the packing as I’ve worked on getting all my crafty stuff in order. Oh my goodness, there’s so much stuff. And, do you want to know how many book boxes I’ve packed up? Right now the count is at 20! That’s not including my husband’s boxes of books. He’s on his own. ha,ha.

It’s so sad to see my books in boxes but I did leave a few out so I can read in between all the packing. Yes, I am reading although I don’t know how much I’m retaining. I’ve started a new mystery, The Wrong Kind of Blood by Declan Hughes which so far seems quite promising. And, I promise I’ll do a write up on some of the books I have finished recently – I think I have about five or so that I need to tell you about.

Oh and before I forget, the latest & greatest Estella’s Revenge is out and I got to write a little how-to on making your own travel journal so hope you’ll check it out.

Off to read and relax!

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