Thinking Of…

It’s been a difficult week for my family because we lost my oldest cousin this past week. While he had been ill, this was a shock for us and it’s been hard to wrap my mind around this. He was 63 years-old and leaves behind his wife, parents and children. Unfortunately for various reasons I wasn’t able to travel for the funeral.

So I’ve been pulling out photo albums and looking at photographs from when we were kids. Thinking of the memories we shared growing up. Like when we used to go swimming, when he used to help me with math homework, and just a lot of other fun stories.

Once again I’m so frustrated by this pandemic because we have not seen our family since March 2020. And, we just heard that my father-in-law is in the hospital. So if you have some extra prayers please send them our way.

Life goes on but remember to hug your loved ones if you can. Luckily it is a longer weekend so we are doing a bit of driving around and just getting out of the house. I have many things to post about so I hope to get back here soon.

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