The Year So Far…

Everyone has been doing their year in review stats and that’s always so fun to see so I thought join in. Here’s what my reading stats are so far:

Books read: 48
Mysteries: 12
Fiction: 26
Books by women: 34
Library copies: 10
In translation: 5

The biggest surprise from this so far is the number of mysteries. Typically that would be about even with the fiction but I’ve been trying to add more non-fiction, graphic novels, YA books and others so in a way it is nice to have a greater variety of genres.

I’m participating in six challenges and I had started off doing so well but what with my move things just kind of slowed down. The one challenge I have been keeping up is the First in a Series challenge, it’s probably easiest for me to keep up with that one as I read so many mysteries and I’m always trying to discover a new series.

I did read What Angels Fear (May) and Silent in the Grave (June) but just never got around to posting about them. I enjoyed them so much that I have the sequels to these just waiting for me. I promise to post on the series book I read for this month but will post about it after I go to my book group meeting next week.

I’m not giving up on my challenges yet but I’m just having fun. If I finish them, great and if not, well those books will still remain on my TBR list. As for the rest of the year, I hope to keep up with reading group reads (check out the latest Slaves of Golconda choice) and hopefully keep up with ARCs while not forgetting my shelf sitters.

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