The Year So Far

I was tempted to do a May in review post but in reality I felt like most of May I was finishing up books that I had started in April. April was not a very good reading month. Then again when I think of the year so far I would say it’s been a slow reading year.

I’ve had lots of DNFs and feel like my reading in general hasn’t been as inclusive as it is other times. I feel like I’m just reading fiction and mysteries. I haven’t read any graphic novels, very few YA books and no short stories.

It hasn’t been a bad reading year. I think that would only happen if I didn’t get to read any books but I would like to expand my reading horizons. Then again, this year has been challenging on the work front because I’m just so busy that I look to my comfort reads to relax and those are the fiction and mystery books.

Well there are still quite a few months to come so who knows where my reading will take me next. But speaking of mysteries, I seem to be a bit on a mystery kick right now so I’ll have to share with you my current reads soon.

What about you, how is your reading year going so far?

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