The Winner Is….

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me comments. You are the best! Not only that but I also enjoyed writing down the suggestions you left me. Some I’ve read but others are ones that I will definitely look into.

I know I had promised to put up my Chicago pictures this weekend but I was a bit of a social butterfly and didn’t have time to prepare them. I went to the movies twice – saw Batman Begins and Layer Cake. Then I also had a party to go to on Saturday. So no pictures yet but very, very soon.

Now, for the moment everyone’s been waiting for — Susan from Pages Turned is the winner of the handmade journal! If you haven’t visited her blog, why haven’t you? Recently someone described her as a kickass bookworm – they are so right! Please go visit her and congratulate her and spend some time reading her blog – it’s definitely a must read for booklovers.

I just wish I could have made a journal for everyone that stopped by. But, you never know what goodness I’ll have planned for the second year right? In the meantime, hopefully pictures will be up tomorrow.