The Winner Is

John Banville’s The Sea takes the Booker Prize. I was silently rooting for Kazuo Ishiguro. Granted I haven’t read either book yet but you all know how much I love Kazuo Ishiguro’s novels. Banville’s novel does sound good though so I will add it to my ever-growing booklist. Meanwhile, still no word on the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Today for my lunch hour I decided to spend a bit of time at Barnes & Noble. Aside from my book group meetings, I haven’t been to the bookstore for some quality browsing time in a while. Typically we do that Friday evenings but for some reason or another we haven’t done that recently. I’m in serious withdrawal mode here! Anyway, look at what I discovered. Another magazine on book reviews and book talk.

A quick glance at PW Booklife made me think it wasn’t as meaty as Pages or Bookmarks but still it’s another magazine about books. Yeah! I was already rushing out when I saw it but I plan to go back and get it soon.

Off to read and wonder why is it taking me so long to get through this book? I’m liking it but geez, you’d think I was reading Cervantes at the rate I’m going. I’m ready to move on to the stacks that are waiting.