The Weekend Report

The weekend is almost over and I didn’t finish a single book from my stack. Yikes. But, I had a very good weekend so I won’t complain too much about not getting further ahead in my stack.

I didร‚ย  go to the Renegade Craft Fair and had a good time browsing at the beautiful handmade goodies. I talked with some of the vendors and even got to meet one artist who I had bought a necklace from several years ago. How fun is that.

We did our usual date night at the bookstore (no books bought on this outing – gasp!), tried some new restaurants and best of all, I got a bike. I’m so excited although I’m a bit scared. Ha. The last time I rode a bike was maybe 15 years ago or so and yes, I remember how to ride but definitely still wobbly on it. I’m looking forward to practicing more and finally joining my husband on some rides.

For the rest of the evening I’m going to try and finish The Wings of the Sphinx by Andrea Camilleri which is the book for my mystery book group meeting on Tuesday. There’s something about this book that has bugged me quite a bit. I’ll get more into it when I give you the full report but it is to do with dialect. Obviously I’m reading a translation but there is one character who just sounds like a horrible stereotype of some mafioso. I just don’t remember him “speaking” like this in previous books.

Anyway, off to continue with my book for now.

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