The Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and another visit with the Sunday Salon crowd. Today I just want to encourage you to celebrate National Poetry Month.

Read a poem, write a poem or you visit any of these links to find out more about poets and poetry:

I’m ready to celebrate, I’ve got Poetry Speaks Expanded to listen to while I do some bookbinding today. If you’ve got some great links for poetry please share them.

But, speaking of bookbinding, I went to Paper Arts yesterday to look for decorative paper for a project I’m working on and later in the day when I was back home and relaxing with Leonardo’s Shadow I read a passage that totally made me smile. Giacomo, Leonardo Da Vinci’s servant, goes to the paper merchant.

“The door is open and inside there is paper, paper, paper everywhere! White, green, gray, yellow, light blue. Parchments, all types. Boards, bindings, blocks, and bookmaking materials. The shop has clean white walls, and the large front windows let in plenty of light. Oh, it is a marvelous sight! The shelves are stacked high with clean, fresh, fragrant, inviting paper!”

That was me earlier at Paper Arts. I didn’t need another reason to like this book even more, but I like that Giacomo and I can both get carried away by the sight of beautiful papers. This book has been a delight so far and I hope to spend a bit more time with it today.

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