The Seafront Tearoom

“The first rule of afternoon tea: never rush. Take time to savor it. Just like friendship…”

The Seafront Tearoom
By Vanessa Green

In the cozy small town of Scarborough three women are about to discover the power of friendship inside the welcoming atmosphere of the Seafront Tearoom.

Kat Murray is a single mom who worries about her job prospects, raising her young son and trying to have healthy relationship with her ex. Despite her best efforts at keeping things in control, her ex has a way of messing things up and Kat will learn to trust friends and family and ask for help.

For Charlie Harrison her career means the world to her and she’s been putting everything aside to climb up that ladder but when her sister needs her help will Charlie put aside career and be there for her?

The third woman is Seraphine Moreau. A quiet Frenchwoman who takes the plunge and moves to Scarborough for the summer to be a nanny to a young girl. Serphine is also taking the time away from her small village in France to escape her parents expectations for her and learn if she has what it takes to make her own decisions.

The three come together in the café and Charlie reaches out to them to see if they are willing to help her discover the best tea rooms in the countryside. Charlie has the opportunity of a lifetime by editing a special edition for the magazine she works for but she’ll need their help to get the issue done.

A fun and lighthearted read perfect for the beach or lazy summer days. Just be sure you have a cup of tea and/or a delicious treat near you because all of the food descriptions will have your mouth-watering.

Source: Advance review copy

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