The Return

We arrived last night and already our thoughts are on when we will return to Germany. We had a wonderful time despite a rocky start – I left my carry-on bag at home. Oh well, that just meant shopping for some essentials.

After that little snafu things got on the right track. Here’s a rundown of our trip:

Cities visited: Gifhorn, Hannover, Braunschweig, Celle, and Leipzig. Celle and Leipzig were new experiences for me. I loved these cities and will tell you more about when I post pictures. Oh yes, there are many pictures to show.

Books read: Nine books in two weeks. Yeah. Enjoyed discovering new authors; Sue Gee, Elke Schmitter, Patricia Ferguson, Arnaldur Indridason and others. I’ll be posting reviews on the books later this week.

Bookstores browsed: Seven, and yes, I walked out with purchases from each one.

What I enjoyed:

  • Books and Bratwurst everywhere
  • Literary pursuits in Leipzig
  • Climbing the 235 steps of the town church in Celle
  • Hanging out in cafés with friends in Hannover
  • Going to see Justin Sullivan in concert in Leipzig
  • Savoring ice cream by candlelight in Leipzig where the temperatures rivaled those in Dallas

So that’s the quick update for now. The plan for this Sunday is to go grocery shopping, put away the suitcases, pay bills, sort mail, and catch up on my blog reading. I’ve missed you guys.