The Return

Hello Friends! I’m back home, back to work and back to spending time with my mom, running errands and all that. I miss vacation. Oh well, it’s not all that bad because look at what was waiting for me:

packagesSome of these are ARCs and the top two are books one of my aunts sent me.

So over this next few days and weekend I’ll slowly be trying to get our house back in order, catching up on emails and oh dear, my feedly is bursting with all kinds of goodness you guys have been up to! I’ve missed reading your blogs.

I also have quite a bunch of reviews to work on as I read 12 books while on vacation – yippee! Some good stuff, some ok stuff but regardless it was just wonderful to have so much time to read. I read quite a variety of books so I’m looking forward to telling you about those.

Oh and before I forget I did promise to tell you about my bookish buys overseas. Here’s what I got:

vacationbooksIsn’t my mug cute? Two of the books were from my visits to bookstores in Denmark and one was from a visit to one of my favorite bookstores in Germany – Hugendubel in Hannover. Actually, one thing I was very happy to notice when I was in Hannover is that there are three major bookstores all within walking distance of one another and all seemed to have customers browsing and buying. And, yes, we visited all three as we typically do and we bought books, magazines, and other little gifts.

Anyway, that’s the news for now.  I do have lots more pictures to share but it may take me a while to put those up. I promise to keep you posted on that.

In the meantime, I’ve missed you friends! Tell me what’s been going on with you and what good books you’ve been reading.

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