The Return

It’s hard to be back from a three week vacation. I don’t want to face the laundry, work, the routine. Instead I want be thinking of all the walking and relaxing I did in Hannover, Braunschweig, Berlin, and Insel Rims.

I want to remember the excitement everyone was feeling during World Cup. I want to relive the moments and laughter shared with our friends over endless scoops of ice cream.

I wish I could revisit the new bookstores I discovered in Braunschweig and the wonderful mini book exhibit I saw in Berlin. I’ve read all of the books I bought (10 books) and it’s quite depressing. I should have bought more.

Then there is Brugge a beautiful city that I didn’t want to stop photographing. I loved Brugge and Brussels for all of its chocolate and gorgeous art.

There is so much to tell and so many pictures to show. It will be a long process. I’ve missed all of you and now I’m anxious catch up on all the book talk. That’s at least something to look forward to now that I’m back.