The Other Woman

“There weren’t many things that I didn’t like about Adam when I first saw him across the crowded bar at the Grosvenor Hotel in London, aside from his lack of empathy. I’d just come out of an incredibly dull ‘Future of Recruitment’ conference and needed a drink far more than he or the barman realized.”

The Other Woman
By Sandie Jones
Source: Advance review copy

Emily Havistock finds Adam Banks quite attractive and after they hit it off at the bar the two seem to be spending more time together time passes by and Emily is excited that maybe she has finally found “the one.” Her best friends are excited for her and Emily is thrilled when Adam finally wants her to meet his mother.

Pammie is not quite the person Emily was expecting and before too long she realizes that in Adam’s eyes Pammie can do no wrong so she better learn to make the most of her relationship with his mom. It’s just that it is so hard when it seems every effort is thwarted by Pammie.

Emily is starting to feel resentful of Pammie because she feels she’s always being upstaged by her. Wait until you see what Pammie does at a family event the couple is hosting. Still Emily perseveres and thinks eventually Adam will come to her side and realize just how unfair his mom is to Emily.

Why Emily put up with so much from Adam and Pammie is beyond me but it sure does make for a fun read. Yes, I think the story could be a bit over the top at times but frankly, it was almost fun to see what Pammie would be up to next in her attempt to keep Emily away from Adam. If you enjoy domestic thrillers give this one a try.

  1. May 8, 2019
  2. May 9, 2019