The Getaway

Our vacation is still months away but I can tell you I’m already anxious for some travel adventures. New places, new foods, etc. In the meantime I’m going on a little weekend getaway with one of my best friends!  No exotic location, just a little Texas town where we can do lots of shopping and laughing.

So there may not be a lot of reading happening this weekend but I do think there’s a bookseller in the town so I’ll definitely drop in and see what they have. I promise to report back.

booklusttogo.jpgAs far as my need for faraway travel is concerned for now I’m reading and both are set in London. A couple of months ago I added Book Lust To Go by Nancy Pearl to my bookshelves and if you can’t decide on a place, pick up this book and you’ll soon be doing some armchair travel. By the way, I picked up this book thanks to an interview I heard on Travels with Rick Steves.

So what about you, where do you wish you were traveling to this weekend?

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