The Flatshare

“You’ve got to say this for desperation. It really does make you much more open-minded.I really can see some positives in this flat.”

The Flatshare
By Beth O’Leary
Source: Advance review copy

It’s time for Tiffy to find a new apartment. She’s broken up with her ex-boyfriend, again, and since he’s moved in a new girlfriend she has to leave but the problem is her meager salary doesn’t allow her to be very choosy so when she sees an ad to share a flat and a bed, not at the same time, she thinks that must be the perfect solution.

Leon didn’t want a flat mate but his brother needs his help and if it means sharing his bed then that’s ok. It shouldn’t be too hard to manage as he works the night shift at the long term care home and he can spend his weekends with his girlfriend.

Neither Tiffy’s friends nor Leon’s girlfriend think this arrangement is going to work but Tiffy moves in and the pair are having an easy time communicating via post-its. Leon thinks it’s funny that he’s having a lot of conversations via the little notes and is actually growing used to them and looks forward to Tiffy’s notes about the flat, the neighbors, books she’s reading and everything else in between. Funny how much you can learn about a person.

Eventually Tiffy needs a bit of help getting away from her emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend and this may mean the Tiffy and Leon will finally meet.

I really enjoyed reading about the development of Tiffy and Leon’s relationship. The story is told from both POVs so I thought that was a perfect way to show each of their personalities and quirks.

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