The Chain

“Two things you must remember,’ a voice says through some kind of speech-distortion machine. ‘Number one: you are not the first and you will certainly not be the last. Number two: remember, it’s not about the money – it’s about The Chain.”

The Chain
By Adrian McKinty
Source: Advance review copy

Rachel Klein has dropped off her daughter at the bus stop, like she normally does, and has gone about her day but a call from an unknown number is about to turn her life into hell. The caller claims they have Kylie and they will not release her until Rachel kidnaps another child.

While this all sounds preposterous, Rachel realizes this woman means business. Another family has gone through the same thing and that’s why her daughter was kidnapped. They are trying to get their child back and if Rachel has any hopes of rescuing Kylie then she needs to become part of the chain.

Rachel, who already has been dealing with a health crisis, is in a race against time to find a victim although thanks to social media she is able to find the right time and child to abduct. She can’t go to the police but she can reach out to her ex brother-in-law. She is struggling with the ethics of how can she cause so much pain to another family but she also wants her daughter back. Meanwhile Kylie is a smart young girl and she’s also got a plan of her own on how to escape from her abductors.

Is there a lot of tension in this thriller? You bet there is. Right from the first page it’s non-stop. Is it a bit unbelievable? Yes, but just go with it and you are going to enjoy turning the pages.

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