The Bookworm Tag

It’s been so long since I’ve done a tag and when I saw this on Lark’s blog I couldn’t resist. Pretty simple rules: Answer the questions, make new questions and tag people.

Let’s go:

  1. Who taught you to read? My mom & dad. My dad would often read to me at night and one of my earliest bookish memories is when my mom and I went to see my dad at his work and on the way home we stopped at a bookstore and I got to choose my first book.
  2. What’s your favorite childhood book? One of my favorites is a small, hardback copy of selected Brothers Grimm stories. One of my uncles gave this to me and I love seeing the black and white artwork.
  3. If you could switch places with any fictional character, who would you choose? I’d probably want to be Nancy Drew for a day.
  4. If you could meet a favorite author, alive or dead, who would it be? I wish I’d met Mary Oliver or at least hear her recite some of her poetry in person. I think that would have been so amazing.
  5. What are you reading right now? I’m finally starting a book for Reading Ireland Month, The Green Road by Anne Enright.
  6. What’s your go-to genre? Fiction but mystery is a close second.
  7. What premises or plots do you find irresistible? Stories set in libraries or bookstores. I mean don’t we all dream of having our own bookshop?
  8. What’s your least favorite trope? Love triangles.
  9. What’s the last book you DNFed? I’ve had a couple of close calls this year but so far none and last year I think I might have DNFed a Michael Robotham book but only because it was right book/wrong time sort of thing.
  10. Are you addicted to Wordle? (Or to any online game?). I still enjoy doing Wordle but that’s about it.

I’m breaking the rules and not tagging anyone but if you feel like playing here are 10 new questions:

  1. What’s a genre you have tried but just don’t enjoy?
  2. How many books are too many in a series?
  3. Name a favorite character?
  4. Name an underrated book you loved?
  5. Name a book that everyone loves but you?
  6. How often do you frequent the library?
  7. How many books do you plan to read this year?
  8. How many books are on your TBR stacks/shelves?
  9. Once read do you keep all your books or pass them on?
  10. Is there a genre or series that you consider a guilty pleasure?

Have fun and let me know if you play. I’d love to read your answers.

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