The Book Thief

No, not that Book Thief, this post is about a missing book from my collection so I’m assuming there must be a book thief around. I mean, I know I have this book and all of a sudden that’s the book I want to read but it’s nowhere around.

Do you ever just lose a book in your stacks? I’m pretty sure I didn’t have it in a bag of books to donate and I hardly ever loan out books so where is my book? The only thing I can think of is that it may be in Germany waiting for me. I have a tiny collection over there at my in-law’s so maybe it’s there. I guess I’ll find out in a few weeks.

In case you are wondering what book has me going crazy it’s Cotillion by Georgette Heyer. It all started when I realized Sourcebooks is having another of their big eBook sales this week and this time they are offering 46 of Georgette Heyer’s books for $1.99. I was looking through the books I own to decide and that’s what started all of this as I’m pretty sure I already own Cotillion. Anyway, lots of great books on the list. Are you going to get some for yourself? Let me know which ones you recommend.

What else, well I had a fabulous time at my yoga workshop. Two and a half hours of hatha and kundalini. We wrote in our journals, chanted, and laughed. It was so good and that followed up with dinner and more laughter with friends was really great.

Unfortunately not a lot of reading was done this weekend so I’m going to try and get in some pages before going to sleep. I’ll have to tell you about my new book soon.

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