The $34 Cup of Coffee Day

I am sure every bookworm can relate to the “just one more chapter” syndrome. This is present when the reader insists on staying up way past their bedtime to get in another chapter, and results in a zombie-like appearance/behavior the next day. On a positive note there is a definite sense of self-satisfaction of finishing the book or at least getting closer to the end.

This week I’ve been in one of those “I can make it through another chapter” kind of moods. And, each night I’ve gone to bed later and later, while each morning I groan more and make promises of going to bed early if only I can make it through the day. Today was the worst. I was sleepy, running late, and couldn’t decide what to wear. So I had the great idea of stopping off for a café mocha before going into the office.

I went to a nearby Starbucks to get a fix. I still don’t know what happened but as I was trying to get in my car, I ended up with most of the café mocha on my lap and on my BRAND new car! You know what’s worse? I was too sleepy to even come up with a good expletive. Where was my pocket-sized thesaurus when I needed it most?

Now I was going to be really late because of course I had to go home and change – did I mention I took me forever to figure out what to wear the first time? I picked up some towels at home and tried to clean up the sticky, sodden mess of the driver’s seat but I knew no amount of blotting would get that clean.

So my lunch hour, which is usually reserved for reading or getting together with friends, was spent at the car wash. Thirty dollars later they worked wonders and my seat is now clean again.

As I drove out of the parking lot I promised that I wouldn’t be driving with cups of coffee in my car ever again. That is until the next time I stay up late getting in that extra chapter and have to make a stop for some caffeine. Hmmm…. maybe I should check out the frequent car wash program instead.