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Happy Thanksgiving! Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, I hope you enjoy a wonderful day and weekend celebrating with your family and friends. I know I’m very thankful for all of you who stop by and spend time with me here on the blog.

Like I mentioned in my previous post it’s going to be quiet around here which will be good to relax, try some new recipes and get some reading done! I feel like I’m not making much progress in some of my current reads. I promise to tell you all about those soon.

This morning is bright and sunny so maybe going out for a walk this afternoon.

I’ve received a ton of emails about Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and the one I’m really excited about is from Barnes & Noble. They even have 30% off magazines. Good time to buy some of the expensive ones! We aren’t planning to be out running to stores or anything like that but there are some craft fairs that are starting this weekend which feature handmade goods and those I really want to support so maybe I’ll check some out.

Anyway, off to start enjoying the holiday. Hugs!

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