How could my mom do this to me? She asked me if I would go to the library and pick her up some movies. Doesn’t she realize that as part of my Summer Reading Challenge I’m not supposed to check out library books. I know I don’t have to check out books every time I walk into the library but what’s the fun in that.

So I thought I’d do a quick stop and get her movies but of course to get to the movie section I have to pass by the new book section. I looked and saw so many titles I wanted to check out, but I pressed on and my Reading Challenge is saved.

I did pick up the latest Book Sense, and I also had to pick up this CD. Not only do I love Spanish guitar music, but the cover art also caught my attention. I have a poster of that Goya painting hanging in our bedroom. I bought that poster in the Prado Museum in Spain 10 years ago on my first trip to Europe. Now I feel like pulling out photo albums, drinking some vino tinto and listening to some flamenco.