Teaser Tuesday

tuesdayToday I’m going with a Teaser Tuesday post. This meme is hosted by MizB of Books and a Beat The rules: grab your current read, open to a random page, and share two (2 or 3) “teaser” sentences from that page while avoiding any spoilers.

Are you ready? Here are a couple of teasers from my book:

“It was an eerie spot altogether, as mysterious in its way as a gloomy Gothic castle under midnight skies. In these woods time had no meaning. They had not changed in centuries, and there was a feeling of occupation not wholly human.” pg. 2

And, here’s another from:

“Then it happened. She dropped the book with a harsh gasp, her hands flying to her throat. Ishtar groaned irritably and turned over, but did not wake. Gradually the thud of Ellen’s heart quieted but she still sat twisted about, staring into the dim corner by the door.”pg. 44

These teasers are from Witch by Barbara Michaels. Spooky aren’t they? I think I picked up a great read as part of my R.I.P. Challenge. How about you, are you reading any books involving ghosts, witches or demons?

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