Sunday Salon

Hello Friends – I hope you are having a great weekend. It’s been a good one for us and actually we just got back from hike. A bit too hot for my taste but fun to be outside. Anyway, I’m now here to join in on another Sunday Salon and thank you to Deb at Readerbuzz for hosting the chat.

What I’m watching: Last night we watched The Last Bus. It’s a British film about a pensioner who is traveling from the most northern point in the UK down to the very south. His wife has passed away and he’s taking her ashes as a promise to take her back to where they were from. And, he’s doing the journey via local buses. Along the way he meets some kind strangers, some not so much, but we see flashbacks of the couples’ life. It was really bittersweet and I think I must have cried through half of the film. I loved it.

What I’m reading: I’ve recently finished a couple of books so I started another book that I think is perfect for R.I.P. The Saturday Night Ghost Club is a coming of age story about a young 12 year old who finds that his uncle is the one who really understands about ghosts and things that go bump in the night and can help him overcome his fears. Too early in this story yet but so far it is great.

What made me smile this week: Stickers! Who doesn’t love stickers. I use them for my planner and in some of my journals. I just got The Antiquarian Sticker Book: Bibliophilia. I had to get it. While I love the cover and the stickers unfortunately it’s not all related to bookish things so I don’t want to give you the wrong idea. However there is a lot of gorgeous and quirky imagery of flowers, bookplates, children, etc.

What is my poem for the week: I read Welcome Morning by Anne Sexton and it made me think of how wonderful it is to approach each moment with joy for the simple things.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend. I know some people have tomorrow off and I’m slightly jealous. I’m looking forward to doing a bit more reading today, maybe taking a nap and getting ready for a busy week ahead.

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