Sunday Salon

Happy weekend everyone. I didn’t mean to take a bit of a break from the blog but I’ve just been so busy with work and afterwards not very motivated to blog. I thought a nice little catch up Sunday Salon style would be great and then I realized the last time I joined in a Sunday Salon post was back in 2011 and the big news then was that I got a Kindle!

Anyway, it’s nice to join in with everyone posting and I’m going to do a quick update like I’ve seen some others do which I really enjoy.

What I’m watching: As we haven’t traveled due to the pandemic, we have been enjoying travel shows and one of the latest ones we’re watching is, Travels with My Father. It’s hilarious and I love their zany adventures.

What I’m listening: As I said I’ve been dealing with a lot of work stress so I have been turning to Relax Melodies. I miss my yoga nidra classes I used to take but via this app I found several guided meditations which have been quite nice and have helped me relax.

What I’m reading: Focusing on books for #WITmonth (Women in Translation month). I’ve read books translated from Arabic, German and Spanish. More to come on this.

What I’m making: Plans to take a week off from work. No traveling for us but I really need to take a break.

What made me smile this week: Receiving an order from BookOutlet. I’ll tell you more about my book haul in my next post.

Thank you to Deb at Readerbuzz for hosting the Sunday Salon. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and I look forward to hearing what you’ve been up to as well.

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