Sunday Salon

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’ve all been staying warm during this winter. It was very cold here last week but thankfully no repeat of the 2022 winter storm. Anyway, thank you to Deb at Readerbuzz for hosting this chat.

What I’m reading: For my commute I started a new audiobook, Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. It starts with the dramatic sentence that, “Lydia is dead. But they don’t know it yet.” Lydia being a teenager in 1970s Ohio. I’m on chapter four and am really hooked.

What I’m watching: We love crime dramas and recently discovered Gangs of Oslo. Two childhood friends are now on opposite sides of the law. Three episodes in and so far so good.

What I’m savoring: Given that it’s been so cold it’s perfect soup weather. So we’ve been having a variety of soups and hot chocolate for an afternoon treat.

What I’ve been creating: I mentioned that I’m participating in Wanderlust 2024 and so far have kept up with the classes. Ok, it’s only three but that’s a great start for me. One of the classes we did recently was on watercolors and I love the look of watercolors but always find them so challenging. I think because I have typically worked with oils or acrylics and they can be more forgiving as they allow you more time. But the class I took was great and first step was just to try and make different brush strokes and familiarize yourself with the brushes you have.

I wanted to share a photo of two watercolor spreads of tidal pools. No laughing at the mussels (dark blue items) on the bottom of the page! haha. We were supposed to use a toothbrush to make them and I didn’t have an extra toothbrush lying around so I had to use a small brush. Anyway, I cut up a larger piece of watercolor paper and taped it side by side so I could work on both at the same time. I was actually quite happy with the end result.

What is my quote for the week: “Don’t think about making art. Just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad. Whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding make even more art.” ~ Andy Warhol.

I think this quote can easily apply to any type of creative endeavor. So, hope it also gives you that little push to go and do something creative.

How about you, how’s your weekend going? Any big plans for next week?

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