Sunday Salon

Hello and happy Sunday! It’s time for a Sunday Salon catch up. Thank you to Deb at Readerbuzz for hosting the chat.

What I’m reading: Aside from the current reads I mentioned in a recent post, I’ve been reading The Switch by Beth O’Leary. I read her book The Flatshare a couple of years ago and thought it was great and this one is proving to be a lot of fun as well. I should be finished with it this morning!

What we’re watching: We finally finished Breaking Bad and also watched El Camino. Just wonderful. I can’t believe I resisted so long to watch these but really amazed at how the story lines developed and the acting. Now we’re watching Your Honor (which stars Bryan Cranston although in a much different character but very compelling too).

What made me smile: These past few weeks I’ve finally started seeing bluebonnets (Texas state flower) and other wildflowers. And, according to the forecast, this year the wildflower season should be a good one!

What we’re making: I can’t remember how I came across this Healthy Chickpea recipe but even though I just found it a couple of weeks ago we’ve already made it several times. It’s delicious and great as a leftover too!

What I’m praying for: My father-in-law was admitted to the hospital after he fell on Friday. Luckily no broken bones but he’s had some other health complications so if you can send a prayer his way we’d appreciate it. I’ve had several friends who’ve lost parents in the past several weeks/months and it’s just really hard to see our parents becoming more frail. It’s always a good reminder to hug your loved ones and spend a bit of extra time with them if you can.

What is my quote for the week: “Do anything but let it produce joy.” ~ Walt Whitman

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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