Sunday Salon

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying your weekend. Welcome to another Sunday Salon post. Thank you to Deb at Readerbuzz for hosting the chat.

What I’m watching: We finished watching The Old Man which was a really good spy drama. I’ve heard there will be a second season but will have to wait until next summer. Now we get to find something else to watch.

What I’m reading: I’ve got several books going but one that has surprised me is Chapter and Curse by Elizabeth Penney. I like cozy mysteries but sometimes they can be quite formulaic and while this does have a lot of the tropes we expect from a cozy, there’s just something else about it that is really capturing my interest. Could be the bookstore setting! Excited to see there are several more in this series.

What I’m savoring: You guys, I discovered Häagen-Daz Dulce de Leche churro ice cream bar. OMG. So yummy.

What I’m enjoying: I’ve mentioned my love for washi tape and I just got a a little package this weekend. Some fun designs from this cute shop. I use washi tape in my planner, journals, and letters. How about you, do you enjoy washi tape? What do you use it for?

What I’m dreaming about: The fall brings some fun events to town like a book festival, reading challenges to look forward to and I’ve just signed up for a bookbinding workshop next month. Not to mention hopefully nicer weather so we can enjoy outdoor dining and some nearby trails.

What is my quote for the week: “Nothing is worth more than this day.” ~ Goethe

Wishing you a great week ahead filled with lots of good books!

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