Summer Reading

Have you got your summer reading list lined up already? What you didn’t know that there are other books aside from the latest Harry Potter coming out? Well, check out this list from the Dallas Morning News which has a round up of some of the hot titles of the summer.

I’m looking forward to Nick Hornby’s book. Actually I understand he’s going to be at the Printers Row Book Fair next week – the book fair I’m going to! So I hope I get to hear his reading. I’m also curious about Melissa Bank’s and Umberto Eco’s latest novels.

Then there are some other books that I’m thinking, really? Danielle Steele and Pamela Andersen? A Robert James Waller that’s a follow up to Bridges of Madison County? Okay, I admit I cried when I read Bridges but I attribute that to several glasses of red wine. But you know, whatever makes people happy is great. If people want light reading wonderful; a timeless literary novel, perfect — whatever it is as long as people read.

For my part, I’m ready for Summer. Why I even have Summer wear — I just got an adorable t-shirt from that says “Smart, witty, literate as hell.” So bring on the summer titles. I’m ready