Still Reading

I don’t consider myself a fast reader but there are certainly times when I feel like I’m moving right along the bookstacks and making dents here and there but lately it seems like my reading has just slowed down to a crawl. I’m still reading the same books I was last week. Are the bookmarks in the same place? It almost seems that way.

Don’t get me wrong, they are great books and I’m planning to finish them but now that I’ve had them going on for a bit you know what starts to happen? I want to start a new one. I’m trying to resist but I have all these great books checked out from the library, my stacks of unread books (or should I say bookcases of unread books) are looking very tempting and not to mention the ARCs which I feel like I must get to soon are also vying for my attention.

What to do? I should start another one right? But from which stack?

Ok, it’s getting a bit late and I need to stop complaining. I’m going to grab a chocolate chip cookie (they always help with decision-making) and then I’ll probably find a new book to read. I’ll tell you which one I chose soon.

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