Stats & Resolutions

I saw that a lot of my favorite bloggers mentioned their reading stats recently so I thought I’d join in too. Last month I mentioned my favorite reads but here are some other little facts:

  • Total Books Read in 2005: 96
  • Books by Women: 78
  • Books by Men: 18
  • Fiction: 40
  • Mystery: 37
  • Others: 19

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions but every year I do look at my reading lists and see what I’d like to change/continue with/etc. I always say spend less money on books but we all know that’s a big joke. So instead here are some other reading resolutions that might be easier to keep.

  • For every book I read from the library, read one from my stacks.
  • More classics. Last year I only read one so this year I’d like to read at least five.
  • More non-fiction.

We’ll see how that goes. What are your reading resolutions?