Some Things

For anyone in the Dallas area, the 17th Season of the Arts & Letters Live program has just been announced. This season they have one of my favorite authors on their program list, Joanne Harris. Know who else is stopping by? Tracy Chevalier, Geraldine Brooks, Anne Lamott, and Marjane Satrapi. There are some others I’d enjoy listening to as well but the only bad part about all of this is the cost. $37 a ticket per author event does put quite a damper on this for me.

Anyway, moving on to other things I can get excited about I just saw that Becky is hosting the 19th Century Women Writers challenge! This means I might be able to read some of those classics I’ve been putting off for so long. Really, isn’t this challenge great? I’ll get back to you guys on this but I’m pretty sure I’m going to throw in my name for this one as well.

Finally, last night was just one of those nights where I couldn’t settle down with any one book. I tried a couple of new books but nothing was working for me so I did what I usually do when this happens…. Fall back on a series I like as I know the characters and know what to expect from the author. It was the perfect choice as I quickly relaxed and started to enjoy another adventure with Inspector Banks. I started Blood at the Root by Peter Robinson which is the 9th book in the series.

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