Some New Books

I’ve had a few books arrive at Casa Bookgirl this week and with the exception of one of them the rest were all a surprise to me. Isn’t that great?

The first one, which I had almost forgotten I had ordered, is Dance Night by Dawn Powell. This is the August reading selection for the Slaves of Golconda. Feel free to join in on the discussion or read along. I’d not heard of this author before so I’m looking forward to the book.

Then I got four books from my friend Isabel. She sent me two books which I hope to use for some altered book projects and then she sent me two books she’d read and wanted to share. The first one is Escher on Escher: Exploring the Infinite. Given how much I enjoyed the Letters of Van Gogh, I can’t wait to read something from another well-known artist. The other book Isabel sent me is one she recently reviewed and which sounded great to me, The Opposite House by Helen Oyeyemi.

I also received two ARCs which I hadn’t requested but am glad to have as they sound quite interesting. The first one is Many and Many A Year Ago by Selcuk Altun. This is a literary thriller taking the reader from Istanbul to Buenos Aires. It is published by Telegram Books, which is a new to me publishing house and whose catalog I’m going through only to add more books to my list.

The other ARC I received is what I’m sure to be a bestselling novel, Sacred Hearts by Sarah Dunant. I’ve already seen a lot of mentions of this book in the blogosphere. I’ve read a couple of Dunant’s novels and have really enjoyed them so I’m looking forward to this one too.

So, now to make some room in the shelves for the new additions.

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