Some Books, Some Thoughts

I still haven’t finished Inez and I am not sure if I’ll continue with it. It’s actually hard for me to leave this one unread, not because I’m one of those readers who commits to reading every book started but because it’s such a slim novel I can’t believe I can’t finish it.

I know that I’ve had a hard time with the novels of Carlos Fuentes. I loved Agua Quemada when I read that as a young adult and a few years ago I enjoyed The Years with Laura Diaz but along the way I’ve tried several of his other books and have found most just confusing. In this case, Inez is perhaps the most confusing.

I’m also reading The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and I can’t help but wish I’d read this in my early twenties. I feel that it would have resonated with me a lot more then. I’m half way through it so more thoughts to come later.

And, last but not least I’m near the end of The Messenger of Truth, the fourth in the Maisie Dobbs series. I still like the premise and the writing but there is something different about Maisie in this book. She seems more callous in the way she handles several relationships, mainly Andrew and to some extent Billy. For anyone that’s read this book, does that make sense?

Also I think I should have put off reading that book a bit longer. I started this one a day after I finished the third book. I think I appreciate a series more when I read some other books in between. Build up the anticipation and all that. In any event I will be looking forward to the fifth book whenever that one comes out.