I seem to be slacking off, or maybe I’m overwhelmed by books. I didn’t finish my R.I.P. Challenge, I haven’t cracked open Indiana for the Slaves discussion and next week is my foreign authors book group but I only got to page five of Shalimar the Clown before I gave up on it.

I think it’s that I see all my piles of books and realize I need to read more of those and maybe curb the buying and borrowing. Well, that’s just talk and how I feel right this second because I know I can’t stop either of those things. But maybe I should focus a bit more on my books the rest of this year. Hmm, it’s something to think about.

So what have I been reading? I am almost done with Like the Red Panda by Andrea Siegel. Talk about teen angst. And, last night I finished The Man with a Load of Mischief by Martha Grimes, which didn’t disappoint even though it had quite a bit to live up to being that it was the next mystery I read after Still Life. Speaking of which, I have a review of Still Life and Disobedience, another recent read.

Let’s see what book I grab off the shelves tonight.