Six Degrees of Separation

It’s the first Saturday of the month so that means it’s time for another Six Degrees Post. This monthly meme is hosted by Kate from Books Are My Favourite and Best.  The idea is to start with the book chosen for the month and connect the following six books. Where will you end up? As usual, I turn to my shelves to provide me with some inspiration.

For this month we start off with Redhead by the Side of the Road by Anne Tyler. I haven’t read this one but I have enjoyed several of Anne Tyler’s books before so I would like to read it.

As I start to look for books on my shelves to connect the theme of an address or place on a map starts to form in my head so my next book is On the Road by Jack Kerouac. I’ve had this one on my shelves forever. I’m not sure I’m that interested now but let me know if you’ve read it and if you recommend it.

From the road we move to The Girls from See Saw Lane by Sandy Taylor. This is a book about friendship, love and tragedy in Brighton during the 1960s. I love stories about friendship so I think I could enjoy this one a lot.

From the lane we move to The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. I’ve enjoyed the works of  Sandra Cisneros and if you haven’t read any of her poetry I also recommend checking that out. This story is about a young Latina growing up in Chicago.

Next up is Murder on Trinity Place by Victoria Thompson. This is one of the most recent Gaslight Mysteries and you’ve heard me talk about this series quite a bit. I especially loved the earlier books in the series so if you want to check it out I do think this is one best read in order.

Now we’re moving on to more spacious places onto the Lions of Fifth Avenue by Fiona Davis. A story about book thefts at the New York Public Library. Now doesn’t that sound intriguing?

Finally we move on to a highway which is a way to connect distant and multiple cities and in The Devil’s Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea the author tells of a real life account of men who crossed the U.S. Mexico border via the desert of southern Arizona.

I hope you enjoyed traveling with me on this Six Degrees edition. Can’t wait to see what your connections were. Happy weekend!

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