Sisterhood Award & Poem

Sisterhood_Award.jpgSandy from You’ve GOTTA Read This! was super sweet and passed on this Sisterhood Award to me. You know I love awards and all that but I admit sometimes I get behind. Plus, it’s always tough to pass these awards too because you want to honor all your friends right? But, okay I’ll stick to the rules and pass it on to some of you.

And for everyone I’m also posting a poem I’ve recently read which I greatly enjoyed. I think we can all say there’s been times where we’ve been waiting for our life to start so I hope you’ll find something about it that speaks to you.

First the Sisterhood Award goes to:

  • Karen from BookBath. She’s having some reading struggles so stop by and offer up a good book recommendation.
  • Priscilla from The Evening Reader. Check out the crazy bookshelves she just posted about.
  • Danielle from A Work in Progress. I swear every book she recommends goes on my wish list.
  • Nancy from Mercury’s Girl. She took a breather from blogland but she’s back – yay!
  • Dawn from She Is Too Fond of Books. She’s got a great Spotlight on Bookstores series that you must check out.

Now the poem:

Waiting for My Life from Carnival Evening by Linda Pastan

I waited for my life to start
for years, standing at bus stops
looking into the curved distance
thinking each bus was the wrong bus;
or lost in books where I would travel
without luggage from one page
to another; where the only breeze
was the rustle of pages turning,
and lives rose and set
in the violent colors of suns.

Sometimes my life coughed and coughed:
a stalled car about to catch,
and I would hold someone in my arms,
though it was always someone else I wanted.
Or I would board any bus, jostled
by thighs and elbows that knew
where they were going; collecting scraps
of talk, setting them down like birdsong
in my notebook, where someday I would go
prospecting for my life.

  1. March 25, 2009
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