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1930sLarge.jpgYou’ve read about Nymeth’s 1930s Mini-Challenge, right? Well, I could go on about how I shouldn’t join more challenges or whatever but we all know that the important thing here is making book lists. Ha. So, yes I’m joining in on the fun. Thank you Nymeth for the challenge!

The sign up post has all the details on the challenge so take a peek over there and join in. Meanwhile let me tell you which books I found on my shelves that would be perfect. If you’ve read any of these and have some recommendations let me know.

  • Rumour of Heaven by Beatrix Lehmann. Miranda Mirova is the finest dancer of her generation. Her husband is a man of letters, and together they shine at the centre of cultured society. Then Clare the first of their three children is born and Miranda never dances again (this is a Virago Modern Classic book).
  • Taking Changes by Molly Keane. Since the death of her parents, Roguey, Maeve and Jer have cared for one another and for Sorristown, their elegant home. Together they have fished and hunted, unravelled secrets by bedroom fires and sipped gin cocktails. But this pattern of intimacy is about to be broken by Maeve’s marriage to Rowley.
  • Mariana by Monica Dickens. This is the story of a young English girl’s growth towards maturity in the 1930s.We see Mary at school in Kensington and on holiday in Somerset; her attempt at drama school; her year in Paris learning dressmaking and getting engaged to the wrong man.
  • The Death of the Heart by Elizabeth Bowen. Portia, an orphan, comes to live in London with her half-brother, Thomas, and his wife, Anna. A child of sin raised in a series of shabby French hotels, Portia is possessed of a kind of terrible innocence.

I also have two mysteries I’m considering, both written during the Golden Age of Detective fiction: Artists in Crime by Ngaio Marsh and ABC Murders by Agatha Christie.

Oh I had fun looking through my stacks in search of potential reads. Anyway, who all is joining?

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