Sifting the Shelves

Thank you for your welcome back comments. I promise I will tell you more about my trip but I think I’ll wait until I have my photos ready – do the whole show & tell thing at once.

It was a busy day at the office today as I had to read and respond to countless emails but I think I did it. After work I came home and surprise, surprise my husband had put up two bookcases. Oh this is good.

So I spent the majority of the evening rearranging books and even weeding out the stacks a bit. There are some books I just know I won’t read again. The local public library is having a book sale next month so I will be donating some books to them.

I used to hate the idea of getting rid of books but over the years I’ve learned to let go. Of course there are books that are Keepers and will always have a spot on my bookshelves, but basically I need the space for new books. So until I move into a mansion with a library I’ll have to weed out the bookshelves occasionally. What about you? Can you let go of books or not?

More book organizing is in order but I think it’s time for some reading now.