Sick Day

You know what’s not fun, having had a really good weekend up until I got sick on Sunday and couldn’t even make it to the theater with one of my friends. I spent the whole day in bed as well as today. But I think I’m on the mend so that’s good.

All was not lost as I did have a pretty good weekend. We went out with a group of friends on Friday for our monthly independent movie night and we saw “The Woodsman”. A very good movie.

In book news I finished, The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and The Earthquake Bird by Susanna Jones. The Time Traveler’s Wife did make my cry a little. And, I’m so glad I read The Earthquake Bird on Kim’s recommendation. It was a really good “did she or didn’t she” type of mystery. Reminded me a bit of Ruth Rendell’s novels.

Now go check out two favorite blogs of mine who also played along with the Name Three Books game I mentioned in my last post. Check Kim’s Reading Matters and Full Steam Ahead.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more book news.