Shelf Organization

I hope you all had a great weekend. I love a holiday weekend. We spent a bit of time at the bookstore on Saturday. I didn’t buy any books this time but did get a special edition of Clean Eating magazine. I’m ready to try some new recipes!

What I wanted to talk about today though was the mess that’s going on in my library/studio. I’ve got to make space on my shelves because of course I keep buying books. I’ve been reorganizing where some books go and if some have to either be donated or moved to another area.

I have five specific sections for books: fiction, poetry, mystery, arts/crafts and books in Spanish. The largest section is the fiction section. One of the sections that’s getting the biggest makeover is probably my craft section. You know I love art/craft magazines but they take up quite a bit of space. I’m definitely keeping all of my Art Journaling magazines and any magazine that has a special section or article on book making but the rest will probably be donated to a re-sale shop that focuses on art/craft supplies.

I’m also donating any books that are advance reader copies that I’ve read or just don’t have any interest in reading but those will be going to some of the free libraries in my neighborhood.

One of my shelves has also been devoted to photo albums and those have to find a home somewhere else in the house because I need that shelf space!

Either way, do you like to organize your bookshelves? How often do you do a reorg of them? I like to go through my shelves at least once a year and see what I have and maybe get to some of those shelf sitters once and for all. This little reorg is probably going to take me a couple of more weeks but I’m looking forward to seeing the end result.

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